Administration & Committees             2016

 Administración y Comités

We renew positions continuously...

 if interested please contact us.

Administrative Assistants and members of Committees are volunteers.

Asistentes administrativos y miembros de Comites son personas voluntarias.  


Thank you for your amazing work!

Gracias por su excelente labor!

Director & Founder

Directora y Fundadora

Tamil Maldonado Vega



Daniel León



Director's Administrative Assistant - Write letters, press releases, emails and materials for sponsors, volunteers, members, etc. Work closely and continuously with director. Make lists of possible sponsors, radio stations, magazines, newspapers, TV, media and more.


Logistics Administrative Assistant - Find venues for the ensemble to rehearse and book them for the group, look for spaces to teach classes and workshops. Look for events where the Ensemble can perform. Plans for external logistics for the events eg. parking, sound system, accommodations (place to change attires), etc. Find contacts of events organizers and report information to Director.


Administrative Artistic Assistant - Help in writing songs digitally, place them in Barrio E's format, download Barrio E's performance and rehearsals videos and upload them in YouTube for our archives, download pictures of events. Have documents ready for rehearsals. Work closely and continuously with director.


Public Relations Officer(s)- Reach out to individuals at institutions, organizations, schools, magazines, radio, TV, and diverse environments.


Community Outreach Officer(s) - Recruits individuals for classes, workshops, and volunteer work. Look for photographers, video technicians, and other skillful volunteers.


Project Developer Officer - Look for grants, sponsors for the project, and financial opportunities.


Social Events Organizer - Plan logistics of social events (e.g. Pa'l Batey), reach out to venues, institutions, community centers, etc, look for sponsors for the specific event (eg. food, beverages)


Fundraising Events Organizer - Plan logistics of fundraising events, reach out to venues, institutions, community centers, etc, look for sponsors for the specific event (eg. food, beverages), help advertise the event.


Webmasters - Work on and maintains Barrio E's Website


Social Media Manager(s) - Work on maintains Barrio E's Facebook, send emails to Barrio E' members and friends about events and info.


Booth Organizer - Organize events, and have documents and materials ready for booth. In charge of looking for volunteers for each event and planning.


Marketing Officer(s) - make flyers, documents to Market the organization to diverse population.


Magazine Officer - In charge of a quarterly Barrio E' magazine.


Artistic Designer Officer - works for Magazine, Website, Flyers, and Marketing.


Treasurer - Works using QuickBooks to maintain information accurate and active in our financial books.


Distributor Officer - Plan and works with volunteers to distribute flyers and information to different venues, business, institutions and schools.


Pro-Bono Professional Committee

Financial Advisor

Law Advisor