Organizaciones y Proyectos de Arte en Puerto Rico y la Diaspora promoting PR Art

Organizations and Art Projects in Puerto Rico and the Diaspora promoviendo Arte PR 

Puerto Rican Organization for the Performing Arts (PROPA)

Founded and Directed by Melanie Emmanuelli

Conceptualized in 2003 to create new opportunities to experience Puerto Rican performance as an instrument of learning. Since then, PROPA has produced and participated in numerous events throughout the United States. The signature project of PROPA is the biennial Bomba Research Conference (every odd year.) 


Restauracion Cultural

Founded and Directed by Pablo Luis Rivera, Rafael Maya and Felipe Febres Rivera Jr

Organization established in 1998 dedicated to the cultural, emphasizing Bomba and Plena PR Musical Genres, and Declamation of Poetry. Their goal is to conduct workshops, lectures and presentations focused on Puerto Rican and African-Caribbeans musical genres.





Proyecto Union

Founded by Rafael Maya; Co-Founder: Pablo Luis Rivera

Non-Profit Organization with the purpose of uniting Bomber@ members of Puerto Rico and the Diaspora.  Their goal is to bring Puerto Rican Culture at various locations around the world teaching unity and brothershood is possible and can make Bomba musical genre to reach other artistic levels through collaborative efforts. 




La Raiz de Mayaguez

Founded and Directed by Papo Alers

Coming Soon...




Taller Tambuye'

Founded and Directed by Marien Torres

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Taller de la Isla

Founded and Directed by Randy Zorrilla

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