Artistic Performance Contract / Contrato Grupo Artistico

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Thank you for considering Barrio E'.

Gracias por su consideracion en contratar a Barrio E'.


Alternative Packages and Descriptions    -    Opciones y Descripciones


     Formal Presentations with Barrio E'nsemble​

     Workshops @Businesses, Parks, Dance Studios, Community Centers, Institutions

     Classes @ Dance Studios, Community Centers, Businesses, Organizations

     After School Program  Classes at Schools




Barrio E' offers different alternatives for private and public events. You are able to choose the type of presentation that best fits the focus of your event.  Also feel free to share your ideas for your event.  ALL our presentations are live music.

We present at organizations, associations, institutions, businesses, schools, theaters, and community events.  Also at weddings, social and cultural events, festivals, libraries and museums events, restaurants, caffe's, and private house events.

  • *  Present with traditional attires - for more educational purposes
  • *  Present with informal attires - for social events

Genres available at this time:


      Bomba   -   Live Music - Bomba Drums, Singing & Dance

      Plena     -   Live Music - Plena Panderors, Singing & Dance

      Danza    -   Live Music - Guitar and Singing