Barrio e' Te Necesita / Barrio e' Needs You

Necesitamos Voluntarios como Tu!  /  We need Volunteers like You!

   Administrative Affairs:
              Public Relations / Marketing / Press Releases
              Write Proposals / Finding Sources of Funds
              Find Contacts, Collaborators and Sponsors
              Find Venues to Rehearse and/or Present

              Find Information about Genres history, Artists, Groups, and Artisans


   Teach Singing and Songs for All Genres (Bomba, Plena, Seis, Mazurca, Danza)

   Teach Percussion

       o Bomba drums (Buleador and Primo, Puerto Rican National Drum)

       o Cuas

       o Maraca

       o Panderos (Plena Percussion - Puerto Rican National Instrument)

       o Guiro

       o Other – Bongos

   Teach Dancing
       o Bomba
       o Plena
       o Seis
       o Mazurca
       o Danza

   Teach Cuatro – Puerto Rican National Instrument -

              for Seises, Mazurcas, Plenas, Aguinaldos & Danzas
   Teach Guitarra -

              for Seises, Mazurcas, Plenas, Aquinaldos & Danzas

   Give Seminars / Workshops about:

              Different Puerto Rican Genres, Rhythms, Dances, Songs, Instruments, History, etc.


   Your Time

   Your Free Seminars/Workshops
   Monetary Donations
   Music Supplies
   Office Supplies
   Sponsoring a Musician/Dancer/Singer to come to Barrio E’
   Offering a Space for Rehearsals