Asociados / Partners

Institutions, organizations and community projects can partner with Barrio E’.  We believe in collaboration, uniting efforts, energy and resources for a common good.


Let's unite efforts and make our organizations more accessible to the community.


​Barrio E' would  like to thank and acknowledge our Partners.  Their collaboration and support helps Barrio E' reach our goal of building a diverse community to embrace Puerto Rican culture in Colorado and beyond.  With their association with Barrio E' they are also promoting inclusiveness, diversity, community integration, social cohesion, education and awareness of Cultural Identification, preservation and authenticity of Puerto Rican music and dance, in addition of our interest to make it accessible to the community across ages, ethnicities, and personal and professional backgrounds.

Thank you !


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We would like to recommend Latin Life Denver Entertainment Magazine, an excelent source of Latino Life, events, and information in Colorado. Check it out by clicking the logo or going to

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We support the efforts of our friends in the diaspora. Barrio E' has been a supporter of Semilla Cultural since its beginnings and will continue to support throughout its journey.