Auspiciadores / Sponsors

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       Monetary Donations

       Dance Attires and Accessories
       Music Supplies
       Office Supplies
       Sponsoring a Musician/Dancer/Singer to come to Colorado

       Sponsoring a Specific Event or Program

       Sponsoring Campaigns, or specific instruments
       Offering a Space for Rehearsals



Arts spark attention and flourish a city. Individuals feel healthy, active and happy when they feel welcome, engaged, and with a sense of belonging in their communities. Businesses could benefit from the city’s art exposure by gaining visibility and establishing a connection to the community where they are located and beyond. Moreover, they could promote awareness of diversity by supporting established organizations with the proper mission. By becoming sponsors and investors in the arts, they benefit by becoming active in the advocacy and the development of the city in which they live, work and do business. Cities with a strong art support are amongst the most vibrant.


​Barrio E' would  like to thank and acknowledge our Sponsors.  Their kindness and support helps Barrio E' reach our goal of building a diverse community to embrace Puerto Rican culture in Colorado and beyond.  With their collaboration they are also promoting inclusiveness, diversity, community integration, social cohesion, education and awareness of Cultural Identification, preservation and authenticity of Puerto Rican music and dance, in addition of our interest to make it accessible to the community across ages, ethnicities, and personal and professional backgrounds.

Thank you !


Sponsors 2014:

       Boulder County Arts Alliance

       City of Boulder - Human Resources Council

       Americas Latino Eco Festival

       The Dairy Center for the Arts

       Denver Arts and Venues - McNichols Building

       Bouder County Latino Chamber of Commerce

       1st Methodist Church - Boulder, CO

       Project Enye

       Americas for the Conservation + the Arts

       Denver Art Museum


Donor 2014:

       Mary Young - City Council City of Boulder

       Isha Marie Renta

       Edwin Maysonet