The Multicultural Project (tmcp)  2017-2019 initiative



The Multicultural Project (TMCP) is a movement bringing awareness of diverse cultures, providing safe spaces for dialogue & celebration of heritage, & amplifying a collective voice to emphasize the importance of multicultural activities in Boulder County.


Boulder County, CO is home to a significant number of individuals with heritage from around the globe. However, there is no place to celebrate these cultural identities except for very limited number events throughout the year. This deficit of cultural offerings deeply hinders our communities’ ability to connect and understand each other. Spaced out events are not enough to make our communities feel welcoming or inclusive. TMCP has identified a need for a year round multicultural and multi use space, which can feel welcome and inviting and can serve many purposes while achieving communities outreach and inclusion goals.

The project will facilitate interactions, connections & understanding between communities, encouraging collaboration under its umbrella, & strengthening inclusive civic engagement & participation. The process will fortify the county/cities in creating alliances among organizations, individuals, businesses & institutions that believe in creating welcoming and inclusive spaces where all individuals can share their cultural identities & create a path for open communication, unity & solidarity. The events related to the project will bring inclusion and consciousness of different cultures; build trust while helping to turn down visible & invisible barriers through education. TMCP will provide structure & coordination of cultural events happening in Boulder County, spark other events & collaborations, & catalyze a push for a needed Multicultural Community Center in the Downtown/Civic Areas that represents and reflects everyone.


This project aims to create a coalition of organizations, individuals, businesses and institutions interested in the importance of multicultural community centers in our cities. The Coalition and Steering Committees of each city will work towards presenting information to City Councils and the County for support and adoption. Multicultural Community Center would be a welcoming and safe community driven space that can help in the development of new leadership, community involvement including the youth, centralize collaborations among groups, & promote inclusion & respect of diversity.


The center will be designed to serve as a resource for all individuals and organizations, including City offices looking to outreach, inform & engage multicultural communities. The responsibility, the change, support and our current and future safety falls even more in our local policies, including our inclusion of groups, organizations and the municipality, which knows and understands the people it serves and relates to. To become a vibrant city, healthy and free from fears we need to create spaces of solidarity, of creation and celebration of our histories, and representative of the heritages we find in our neighborhoods.




Phase I: Activate the movement through advertisements bringing awareness of TMCP & asking for involvement, creation of website & FB page, run first community meeting that will help to develop a Steering Committee that will lead the work. Start advocacy within groups & commissions of the cities.

Phase II: Create an umbrella of organizations, events, & resources, i.e. a virtual Multicultural Community Center through a website & marketing of multicultural activities in one place. Provide & ask for support from the communities. Continue conversations & advocacy.

Phase III: Advocacy to establish the first Multicultural Community Center in cities in Boulder County.


Contact Info:


The Multicultural Project

2525 Arapahoe Ave E4-229

Boulder, CO 80302


(303) 356-3808