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Barrio E'nsemble : Americas Latino Festival

November 17,  2013

Performance at the 1st Americas Latino Festival. Poem Author: Samuel Miranda.






































Barrio E' Bomba Intermediate Percussion Class

Barrio E' students drumming and practicing Yuba, Lero, Corve, Sica and Holande Rhythms and its Variations, with Callings or Breaks in beteween.

Barrio E'nsemble Intro @ Puerto Rican Festival

Denver - June 2013

1st Barrio E'nsemble composed by Barrio E' students performing a Percussion Intro.  Most members had no prior knowledge drumming.

Barrio E'nsemble : Bomba! Feel Puerto Rico

Celebrating Immigration Heritage - City of Boulder

October 6  2013

Sponsored by City of Boulder & Barrio E'

Educational and Interactive Performance. We invite the community to play instruments, dance and sing with us.

Barrio E'nsemble : Americas Latino Festival

Song: Campo - Bomba

November 17,  2013

Performance at the 1st Americas Latino Festival. Lead Singer: Daniel Leon.

Barrio E' at the Park


Barrio E' teaches kids movements and how their body movements relate to the Primo Drummer. Barrio E' teaches the relationship and challenge between the Bomba drummer and the dancer.

Dancer => Movement  = Drummer => Sound.

Barrio E' Percussion Kids Class


Barrio E' teaches kids percussion.  First step assigned numbers to left or right hands and location in the drum.

Barrio E' Percussion Kids Class


Barrio E' teaches kids percussion.  Second step shown in the video: we practice rhythmic patterns and tempo. Third step (not shown) we work on technicalities like muting sound, volume dynamics and more!

Barrio E' Beginners Adults Dance Class

Barrio E' teaches Bomba -Yuba Rhythm basic dance step.

Barrio E' Demo Performance

Avalon, Boulder, CO.


Barrio E' exposes Bomba Rhythms (live music and dance) to the Salsa dancing community in Boulder.

June 2013 



Barrio E' Family Classes

Boulder, CO.


Barrio E' values family and the quality time they can spend together. Take classes with your kids learning  something new as a family project. 


Presentation at Centro AMISTAD in Boulder, CO on February 1st, 2013.

The video features Tamil Maldonado dancing, and Barrio E' members Ben Christensen, J.R. Souders, Luisa Marie Rodriguez, Daniel Leon, Elena Fernandez, Nashma Carrera and Karl Dickensheets.

Lamento Negro by Sonia Morales Matos

interpreted by Cantigas Chorus from the Washington DC area. Drummers: JB Sotomayor, Edwin Maysonet and Randy Rosso.

​"Danza Interpretativa" by Tamil Maldonado using elements of Bomba.


Barrio E' Teaches Plena - Panderos

to Teens, Adults and Seniors

Boulder, CO.


Barrio E' breaks down the functionality of 3 types of Plena Panderos. In the video we teach the Base Seguidor.



Barrio E' Individualized Kids Dance Class


Barrio E' teaches individualized percussion and dance classes for kids, teens, adults and seniors who would like to learn and sharpen specific rhythms and skills.

Barrio E'nsemble Rehearsal


The Ensemble members are people who took our classes.  We usually rehearse every week (with some week breaks in between). You can become part of the Ensemble, we renew members every 6 months.

Barrio E'nsemble - 1st Denver Salsa Congress


The Ensemble  performs with Master Bombero Alex LaSalle, director of Alma Moyo from New York.